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Originally Posted by RCRochester View Post
I can't say with any authority what films looked like in the 60s and 70s because I wasn't around, so all I can go by are VHS tapes and old DVDs that I've seen. And using those as a benchmark as to how films should look really isn't a reliable method. I'm much more inclined to believe that these newer 4K remasters are far more accurate than any of those are.

That being said, I know there are releases out there that have been given weird colour gradings (the infamous yellow version of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly being one) but I just don't see that here.

In looking at the caps, which I consider to be more reliable than DVD Beaver, there is nothing that looks teal to me. Look at this cap for example:

[Show spoiler]

There are various shades of white in that picture that look like they should. If there was a teal wash on this transfer, I would expect her coat and the walls to have a bluish tint to them but I'm not seeing that at all.
I'm not seeing anything of major concern here either. The majority of the Criterion caps look absolutely fine - gorgeous even. Only a few exhibit a drastic tealinisation (that's totally a word, but don't look it up using a dictionary or anything )

It does not look like some oppressive blanket teal across the entire movie. Taking the caps as a whole it looks like each scene has been carefully graded.

I understand the grumbling though - it is quite jarring change from the original blu-ray, but one hopes that under the supervision of the DP presumably referring to an answer print, this would be a (more) faithful representation of the original theatrical experience.

My pre-order stands. The MGM blu-ray is still readily available if I don't like what I see in motion

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