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Jul 2021

Watched this with our kids today. Neither of them liked it (girls ages 9 and 4). My wife and I didn’t like it either. We didn’t care for the music, the story, or the characters. The characters were fairly flat and not really likable. The music sounded like typical Miranda music, but wasn’t as good or memorable as Moana.

Was the animation cool? Yeah. It looked pretty.

On another note, it’s interesting that yet again, Disney has made a movie about Latinos and it’s in a rural/pastoral setting instead of in the city where the vast majority of us live.

Since Tangled, here’s how I’d rank Disney films….
1. Big Hero 6
2. Frozen
3. Tangled
4. Moana
5. Winnie the Pooh
6. Zootopia
7. Wreck it Ralph
8. Frozen II
9. Raya and the Last Dragon
10. Ralph Breaks the Internet
11. Encanto

I’ve seen others also compare it to Luca - it’s not a comparison in my opinion. Luca was stellar. Encanto? Not so much.
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