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Originally Posted by du3ce View Post
going through my avr it is 3d ready, this is my first time playing any kind of 3d movies.
You need to initialize your PS3 for 3D with your display. Have you done that? Do you know how?

Go to the Display setting on your PS3 menu and follow the prompts. Be sure to enter your display screen size correctly. If you are still unable to view Tron in 3D, connect your PS3 directly to your display to initialize, then reconnect to your AVR.

If you still have an issue, check your AVR setup for 3D and make sure you are not using standard HDMI cables. You will need high speed HDMI for 3D.

•Standard (or “category 1”) HDMI cables have been tested to perform at speeds of 75Mhz or up to 2.25Gbps, which is the equivalent of a 720p/1080i signal.
•High Speed (or “category 2”) HDMI cables have been tested to perform at speeds of 340Mhz or up to 10.2Gbps, which is the highest bandwidth currently available over an HDMI cable and can successfully handle 1080p signals including those at increased color depths and/or increased refresh rates from the Source. High-Speed cables are also able to accommodate higher resolution displays, such as WQXGA cinema monitors (resolution of 2560 x 1600).

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