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Originally Posted by Jeremiah2849 View Post
Thank you, buddy.

For that example I already went through and added the missing titles individually. I guess I'll have to do that for every collection that is missing titles, yes?

I wish there was just some way that you could have the titles refer back to the actual movies, instead of a DVD that may or may not have ever been released separately.
Yeah, me too. I think it would make more sense to use the Movie IDs like they do for the single releases at the very top (Master ID). But I think it's done this way in case people own broken up sets. Like if someone only has Disc 1 of a 3-disc set or whatever. Or, if they allowed the Master IDs to have bundles as well, that would be the best of both worlds, would be more accurate, and wouldn't clog the database with releases that don't actually exist.

But anyhow, welcome to the forums! As frustrating as adding a bunch of titles can be, it helps the site's database become more complete and it feels good to get your collection uploaded. I'm still working on my missing titles. I have about 70 to go still...
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