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Originally Posted by slimdude View Post
I wasn't talking about a 65". Nobody can carry a 65" TV by themselves, you'll need two people! I was speaking about a 50" which is much smaller.
Ah okay, thanks for clarifying. Your original post didn't mention size, mine specifically said 50lb 65" 2017 OLED and you then responded to that one claiming 50lb TVs are easy to lift for most men and that's why those TVs are easy to walk away with. I can see where the conversation veered. I would agree that 50" TVs that aren't plasmas or CRTs are going to be pretty easy for the average guy to carry.

Mine is bolted to my wall with a low profile mount, even if I had it on a stand I'd have it secured with steel wiring and bolts to the cabinet. Ain't no mofo stealing my ISF-calibrated baby.

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