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Default Save the Tiger, starring Jack Lemmon (1973; Directed by John G. Alvidsen)

I just recently caught the 1973 film Save the Tiger, starring Jack Lemmon & directed by John G. Alvidsen. This was my first time seeing the movie; I love '70's cinema, and this was no exception. Superb.

The movie chronicled a couple of days in the life of Harry Stoner (Lemmon), the middle-aged president of a struggling women's clothing company in L.A. This is a dark look at the "failure" of the American dream. Stoner is caught between his current business misfortunes, and also reminiscing/remembering good & bad events from his youth - especially horrible battle(s) that he had fought in during WW II.

This is definitely one of my top favorite JL roles, right up there with the classic 1960's film Days of Wine and Roses.

While STT appears to be largely forgotten these days, it's worth noting that Lemmon won the Academy Award for Best actor for this film:

Though the PQ on the regular DVD is decent, it would be nice if this were upgraded to Blu. It's also worth noting that the DVD is now long OOP & quite expensive on the secondary market.
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