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Default Your thoughts on scalping/flipping items?

Without pointing fingers, I saw a video with a YouTuber heading out to various stores buying up all the product of this "new" "limited" release -- with the clear intent to flip it and make a profit. What's your take on this? I know it's the norm now.

I'm of the mindset that if you want to drive around to every single Target, Walmart and Best Buy to buy a bunch of something in order to sell it for a profit and you have the time and means to do it, go for it... BUT! There should be some kind of limit per store.

For example, let's say Marvel comes out with Black Series figures of all the Avengers. Every store gets a general stock of all the characters, but Target gets a limited version of Iron-Man, Walmart gets a limit version of Captain America, etc, etc. In my opinion those limited versions should be limited to 1 or 2 a person. There's no reason why someone should be able to walk in and buy the whole stock of a limited release just because they can.
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