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Originally Posted by Twm1988 View Post
Local for me is around Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. I look at a few online sites and such... not really interested in having a TV that size shipped to me from anywhere really

It would have to be within an hour or so drive and I'd be going to pick it up and inspect it in person.
Yeah totally understandable, I'm in the Niagara peninsula and pretty much look only at Canuck Audio Mart for used TVs, perhaps Kijiji to a much lesser extent (CAM is more reliable sellers I find).

I will say my OLED is lighter than my VT60 plasma, but a 65" 2017 OLED is still 50lbs heavy without the stand and 57" wide - ain't no-one going to make off with this TV by themselves without a herculean effort. lol
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