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Originally Posted by RJ Smoove View Post
Peter and MJ are the quintessential comic couple. No intersperses sexual relations.
I disagree. It seems like Parker has a really major significant other relationship in Gwen Stacy (albeit in the comics it's a former relationship- but still very major). Two if you count his on again/off again dalliance with Felicia Hardy as Black Cat.

Also Peter isn't necessarily homo sapiens any more anyway.

CK and Lois are by far the longest-lived couple in comics (right?). And other than predated stories of CK growing up and Lana Lang, there weren't until recently any serious contenders for his affections. Which is why I'm sure it's a breath of fresh air for writers to get a chance to tell different stories with different stakes for a while as far as Supes and relationships.
Though I've always been partial to Bruce and Diana stories myself, but it seems like writers never give that one much time to breath.
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