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Wow. This thread hasn't seen life in damn near a year!

I just recently picked a HSU VTF3 MK3, and am running it with a set of Apogee Centaur's. They blend well. I've been a huge SVS fan for quite some time, and I still am. I also recently sold a SVS PB12 in favor of the HSU. I had them both at the same time, so a side by side comparison was easy enough. The HSU played better with music than the it stayed. Not saying SVS is inferior though by any means. I've had the same 4 PB12's integrated in my HT quite awhile, they will certainly not be going anywhere.
Yeah, bang for buck they're hard to beat. If their products are in your sweet spot, then there isn't anything for the price that can match them. I auditioned their VTF3Mk5 at their factory, and was blown away, literally.
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