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Default Semantics


You state: "In conclusion, placement of subwoofers in a room is all about science. Art plays no role."

It's a semantic difference in our statements. I read your post with great interest, as it contains much valid and useful information. I'm under no illusion that the factors involved have no scientific basis. The opposite is true.

What I was pointing out was that for virtually every home setup, which must coexist with whatever conditions are there, scientific principles must take a back seat in most configurations. I spent over two decades of my working career as a practical engineer, with a decade of that at Hughes Research in Malibu, so I know about science to some extent.

What I have learned is that often, existing knowledge is only a basis, and guesswork - and experimentation - is how things get done. Once done, the results are cast against the scientific principles on which the experiment was based, in an attempt to validate and repeat those results.

This is how it works in home theater. "It looks better over there" may or may not result in better sound, and most home enthusiasts are in no position to use software, or other tools, to dictate placement of gear in a given environment. It is very much an artistic exercise, as any viewing of the myriad home theater galleries will show you. If the results are audibly successful, it can be determined why through science, but there is no way for science to predict, and dictate with a measuring tape, exactly where things will go.

Advice on basic principles is helpful, which you dispense regularly and to good effect. They are not axiomatic; they're advisory. Not adhering to them is not heresy, witchcraft, or apostasy; it is art. Perhaps bad art, but art nonetheless. Some folks have lesser HTIB systems and soundbars, others have gear like ours, or even better. What may be rules to you is actually guidelines to others.

Anyway, I like your work, agree with your conclusions almost always, and will put our differences down to semantics. We really do agree, whether it bothers you or not.
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