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A presentation on the program for the upcoming Hollywood Professional Alliance Tech Retreat -

Is Creative Intent Wrecking the Intent of the Creator?

Personally, I don’t think so (caveat being as long as there is no significant breakdown from the camera to the living room), but I do think that people crave -

Anyway, the preview for the presentation -
“There are always complaints about content but complaints about incomprehensible dialogue or too dark images seem to hit the headlines. Social Media means we know even before the end of the content if the audience has a problem (we never hear when they like it though) This session will explore some of the background to the issues and ask if Creative Intent is making it better or worse!!
Presented by:
• Andy Quested, Freelance
• Craig Todd, Dolby
• Nigel Edwards, Streamland Media – The Farm Group
• Poppy Crum, Dolby
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