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Pity on me, I'm very ashamed to admit that I've watched the movie only tonight!!!! I don't know why, but I wasn't so attracted by it in the very first place and just let this slip away from my personal radar.

I loved the character development a lot. THOR is the same boring and non-charismatic entity (as character) as always, maybe more than ever. But I loved the way they handled the other characters anyway --- I loved the screenplay and I loved the dialogues.
ULTRON felt very predictable as character, his motivations seemed cliché as hell, but I pictured him much worse in the trailer. I must admit that Ultron worked well in the film, all in all.
I also loved the direction. It wasn't as brilliant as the first Avengers movie, but it was very good nonetheless.
My biggest complain is that I feel the movie truly required longer battles and more "dense" action pieces. It seems like they just diluted the action rhythm too much. I'm talking about the pacing, of course.
I wanted more battle scenes featuring Iron Man (not Hulkbuster mode), even.

Anyway, I would dare to say it's a great movie and it's very rewatchable. I wasn't expecting that at all.
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