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Originally Posted by Saril View Post
I am new to this forum and have become puzzled about the center speaker placement. I have only auditioned the Studio 100s and the B&W CM 9s. I was leaning towards the Studio 100s and was trying to decide between the CC-590 and CC-690.

After reading this thread:
"Horizontal Center Channel Speakers and Why They Should Be Avoided"

I am now completely confused and wondering if I'm wasting my money on a quality CC if placing it in a horizontal orientation has an adverse affect on its performance. I was under the assumption that if I had decent room correction software, TACT, Audyssey XT32, etc., that I would not need to be concerned if I placed my center in the horizontal position. Any help appreciated Ė thanks.
Originally Posted by theJman View Post
I wouldn't really worry about it. Virtually every speaker company in existence makes horizontal centers, and the vast majority of people have one in their home theater. If they were really all that bad the situation would be the opposite, so buy what you think works best and enjoy it.
I don't think this is great advice to tell him not to worry about it. It can happen, and there are many factors that cause this problem.

He might buy a certain center channel and end up being the worst consumer to ever buy to experience it, or he may not ever have an issue.

Just because, as you say "Virtually every speaker company in existence makes horizontal centers" doesn't mean there isn't a problem.

You have to take in to consideration the many complaints people who have questioned their center channel and how they resolved it, those few people who complained actually represent many people who havenít taken the time to ask.

Some people have bought three of the same speakers for the front stage, while some feel the need to turn the DB up on the center channel, and some just ignore the little lobbing at times.

Big Daddy wrote a nice and complicated thread on this, and some of it I donít understand, but I can tell you my experience from it.

I had this problem from my Klipsch C2 center channel I had in my apartment, and my wife often complained. Iím in a new house, and currently have the same center channel in my bedroom, and without the lobbing issue.
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