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Originally Posted by Robert Zohn View Post
Love B&W's 700 S2 floor standing speakers. Do you live nearby our store?
Sorry, no I'm up in western Canada.

I do have a B&W dealer near me, but at the price I'm looking to spend it would have to be a demo/display model, or I'll probably have to look on the used market. Wanted to try to get the HTM72S2 center channel first, and then a pair of the smaller bookshelf's for front L/R later. Got a few pieces of equipment to get rid of first as well, lol!

Good to hear you are impressed with the new 700 series, I heard they are very neutral and uncoloured, but still quite engaging/exciting/lively. I'm looking for that sort of presentation for HT use, I don't enjoy mellow, laidback speakers so much.
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