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Cool LG BD590 and .vob files

Hi, guys n gals, Newbie to forum. I'm clueless as to if I'm even in the right place. I have a fairly extensive network at home using Netgear WNDR3700, multiple BD390 (Love them!) and a HP Mediasmart server. Just bought a BD 590, but although everything else works great (won't go into why I bought it), it wont play .vob files from my server. All other extensions, .mkv, .264 work fine, but error shows up stating unsupported format. I've updated the BD590 firmware and it's hard wired. Same movies stream fine in my 390s (some wireless some not, all work). Never used Nero (never needed it). What am I missing? Thanks. Please redirect if I'm posting in wrong place or breaking any rules. Great forum! BTW, no Netflix streaming issues at all on any of these,I wonder if there's an intermittment lag issue internally that is negated since I have 20Mbps with Charter or just reall lucky. Thanks again.
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