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Originally Posted by PanaPlasma View Post
Right ...

But Dire Straits "Dire Straits" shm-sacd is 24bit. Sounds in my opinion much better than "Brothers In Arms"-sacd (which is also compressed).
Nope, SACD is DSD which is all 1-bit, 2.8 MHz all the time regardless of source.

Originally Posted by BIslander View Post
There's a school of thought that says SACDs are mastered better than CDs, which accounts for the differences people hear. So, a well done stereo SACD from a 44.1/16 source could still sound better than a poorly done CD. Multichannel, of course, adds another dimension to the discussion.
If mastering was the only reason for the sound difference, SACD layers would sound no better than the CD layer on hybrid SACDs. Both have the same master, in almost all cases.

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