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Default Goldenear Triton Reference Series

Also review coming from Absolute Sound in August.

I think I pretty well addressed any comparisons and contrasts between the Triton Two+ and Triton One in the Performance section above, but it may be worth reiterating a few points here. On the one hand, they do sound remarkably similar, which is no mean feat given that the Triton Two+ sells for $3,500 per pair and the Triton One for $5,000. On the other hand, those comparisons were made with volumes matched. Needless to say, the Triton One is capable of cranking out a lot more sound than the Triton Two+. If you have a very large room and you've been eyeing the One, don't assume that you can save a few bucks on the Two+ and get the same level of output. That said, if you've been eyeing the One but just can't justify the expense due to limited space or budgetary reasons, here's your answer.
As for other speakers in this price range that you might consider: Definitive Technology's new BP9080x comes in at the same $1,749/each price and certainly shares a good bit in common with the Triton Two+. It has an active bass section, for example, powered by a 455-watt internal amplifier. There's also an LFE input. There are some significant differences, though. The BP9080x is a bipolar design with front- and rear-firing arrays. It's also equipped with an expansion module on top designed to receive Definitive's add-on height-speaker module.
If it's the folded motion tweeter that you're enamored with but you don't really care much about the active bass section or strong dynamic punch, you might also consider MartinLogan's Motion 60XT, which has a similar tweeter but with a passive 6.5-inch mid-woofer and two passive eight-inch low-frequency woofers. You can read more about it in Brent Butterworth's review here.
It's hard to review a GoldenEar speaker without sounding like a fanboy. I fully acknowledge that, and I've been on the receiving end of my fair share of angry comments to that effect. I simply can't hide my enthusiasm when a speaker does pretty much exactly what I want it to do, though. The Triton Two+ delivers incredible depth, palpable detail, exceptional neutrality (especially in the midrange frequencies), and rich, ample, tactile bass that's as musical as it is muscular. What more could you want?
Well, I suppose you could always ask for more SPL, and for that there's the Triton One. If you don't have the room to really let the Triton One loose, though, the Triton Two+ is the next best thing (or maybe the next better thing considering its price). It's everything I love about the Triton One--the detail, the transparency, the depth of its soundstage, and the dynamics--scaled down to a size that better fits my home and my lifestyle.
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