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Default The 'On Hold' Special Set!

With so much going out the door finally, we can finally do this one:

Announcing a pretty different 'Special' set:

On Hold: Cool Things from Unfinished projects

This special disc (BDR) consists of things we're started that, for one reason or another, are not moving forward (but the things are so cool it's hard to just have them not get seen!). I've always wanted to do a disc like this.....

The films include:

Some commercials
A rare 1930s cartoon short
Films from a famous series that we've been trying to release since 2014
Two Episodes of a fun mid- 60's TV cartoon (from the Network's original negs, including commercials)
Films we've been cleaning up from a 30s series
Some really cool experimental shorts
All sorts of surprises!

It comes in a standard DVD case, below. The set is limited to 65 copies. It's $16.95 plus $3 shipping to US, $7 to Canada, $9 to all other countries. If you've ordered anything else shipping is free. Paypal is, as usual, Make sure to include your address and 'On Hold'.

Thanks to all for supporting all the Thunderbean sets, finished or never to be!

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