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Originally Posted by Jared A. View Post
Just a head's up guys ...

I'll be putting up the pre-order for the early, numbered edition of the PRIVATE VICES PUBLIC VIRTUES blu, along with about 25 copies of the now OOP German blu of MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN at 8 AM PST/11 AM EST on Friday, July 29th.

I'll also have the first release from Turkey's Aztek Films, though it turned out that was a DVD-R and not a DVD. Bummer, wish I'd known before I ordered 30 of them. But you can pre-order one from us at the same time if interested. It will be by far the easiest way to buy this release.

We're also having a sale! DVDs only, all of our 'erotic' titles will be priced at $12 to $15, in honor of the new PVPV release!
Will definitely snag both PVPV & MotSW as soon as the preorder starts!
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