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Originally Posted by gotmule View Post
Well played Sir. It looks like you got very creative and made it work. Did you have an opportunity to calibrate afterwards?
Yes. I used audyssey calibration. I have the two back surround speakers configured as side surround upfiring speakers, which my Denon offers as an option when calibrating.
I know it looks a little unorthodox but what I hear is exactly what Dolby describes. I tried front upfiring speakers and front height speakers and to me it all sounded like regular 5.1 would.
Upfiring speakers on top of DVD shelves now sit at approx. 4 feet from the floor and 5 feet from the ceiling, and now I can finally tell how sound bounces off the ceiling, resulting in a more '3D' sound (sound coming from the front, from the sides, and from above)

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