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Default Good work!

Good work, I'm glad you were able to make a navigable menu. As to why they play on a player and not PCsoftware, I don't think it is the media (BD-ROM/RE/R) so much the software being unwilling to do a BDMV project that does not have the rights-management folders. However, If your Roxio project pases muster with the BluRay Association, I'm certain that the software will be updated.

Now some questions:
1) What settop player did you test successfully on (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic or Phillips)?
2) What did you "feed" DVDit? A full res CineformHD .avi or an already encoded .m2t, (or a .m2t RMux_TSed file in "elementary" .mpg format).
3) Will DVDit allow you to make a menu from scratch in Photoshop or must you use one of their "templates"?

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