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This sounds like encouraging news. We are at the dawn of a new technology (as young as a toddler). I was hoping that Pioneer would be able to read BD-R discs as well, since I would assume that the demo disk they supply to US retailers was not glass-mastered. Should I get a Sony or Plextor blu-ray writer? I'm anxious to try some experiments in 2007.
I have a Sony Blu-ray player and also a Panasonic DMP-BD10. I have used DVDit-Pro HD to author a BD/R or BD/RE disc and is works fine in the Panasonic player.

->kentry: I have used Adobe Premiere Pro 2 and the Adobe Media Enocder for exporting and it works fine without reencoding in DVDit... Have you used the template 1080 60i 15 Mb... or 1080 50i for PAL? You can even set the video encoding rate the as you like...
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