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Originally Posted by Craig02 View Post
better So yeah the general question is this, should we just start posting in here?

I think the better idea would have been to have made a new topic like this just how you have done it but kept the other thread open, so people creating covers can still post their work and other members can suggest things that could be changed etc. Then when the artist is happy they can submit their final version to here where it can be archived and ordered (just like you have been doing)
I think keeping it all in one place will make for a healthier thread. I understand the want and need to separate things out for clarity but if you divide things up in too many places then people sometimes have a hard time figuring out where to look and other times just stop looking at one thread or the other. I have ample space at the top of this thread to maintain organization as well as create smaller lists or FAQs about printing/using/designing custom covers.

Originally Posted by mnx12
Wow, looks nice. So should we continue to post our covers and discuss them in here now? Maybe we could do something also with templates/tools and tips for making and printing covers, since that got asked quite a bit in the other thread.

I can delete this post if you need more room for posting links, just let me know.
Keep posting here. And I think I have more than enough room at the top of this thread now.

And as an aside, I am thinking of splitting the list into two parts; all still maintained at the top of this thread. The first part will be for custom replacement covers, full versions (like the original thread turned into). The second part will be for mock/custom cases, basically images of cases from early on in the original thread or future ones that are just wishful thinking on the user's part and usually only contained an front view of the blu-ray case with mock/custom cover.
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