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Originally Posted by Wendell R. Breland View Post
It seems that whatever term is used in the beginning is what sticks, most seem to know MPEG-2 but few seem to equate H.262 to MPEG -2. One thing that seems to be very consistent with our industry is we are very inconsistent. Just checkout the variations of dB, color codes, etc.
HEVC was used in the beginning. Click on the ‘More reading on HEVC’ tab on the right of this page -

Rough analogy (not that you or Ron disparage 4K) – hobbyists or lay persons say things like cataract surgery -> “a new clear lens”….actually I could find an exact example of that on this very forum if I were to do some searching.

People with some real (rather than superficial) knowledge in the field of vision science would simply say IOL - (i.e. IOL for intraocular lens).
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