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Originally Posted by Battail View Post
With a room like that you'd be better off using the long
Wall with a 169 120 or 135 in. Screen. A sceen is mandatory for a mind blowing presentation and a
Short throw projector, Dlp's the only way to go with 3d.
Benq's w1080st w1085st and the latest ht2150 which is
A short throw. If you can't go in that direction you can
Squeeze a 120 in. Screen in the other direction. Still,
Your throw distance is still short for that size screen.
Because benq's standard throw projector's have the shortest throw available,you could hang one just behind
You at 10.5+ feet from the screen. A w1070 w1075
Ht2050 ht3050 or the ht4050 would all look like a120 in.
Plasma with no cross talk. One way or another you'll
Have to paint the walls a dark color or the projector will blow you right out of there. Except for the ht4050 the
Rest of the projectors with a, lets say a fixed 120 in.
169 elit screen would fit in your budget. Talk about
Virtual reality!
P.S: Do the PJs you suggested have the 3-chip DLP or color wheel? Which is better, chip based PJs better or color-wheel based PJS? What about Sony's SXRD projectors? I'm asking because I heard color-wheel based DLPs cause eye strain when watching active 3D.

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