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Originally Posted by Riddhi2011 View Post
P.S: Do the PJs you suggested have the 3-chip DLP or color wheel? Which is better, chip based PJs better or color-wheel based PJS? What about Sony's SXRD projectors? I'm asking because I heard color-wheel based DLPs cause eye strain when watching active 3D.
You have 3 different TYPES of PJ's using different technology.
DLP - Digital Light Processing - these are the most expensive- they come in 3 Chip [one for Red, Blue, Green] and one chip [colour wheel], these chips have thousands of tiny mirrors on them that reflect the light, the 3 chip don't show rainbows, they also are the least likely of all the PJ's to show artifacts when doing 3D, as they also happen to be the brightest type of PJ.
The one chip versions are where some people see the rainbow effect as they reflect the light through a colour wheel.....Both of these PJ are way out of your price range, even secondhand.

Next you have LCOS or LCoS [same thing] which is Liquid Crystal on Silicon.
This technology uses a miniaturized reflective active-matrix liquid-crystal display or "microdisplay" using a liquid crystal layer on top of a silicon backplane. It is also referred to as a spatial light modulator.
Sony's SXRD panels use this technology, it could be considered a mix between DLP and LCD type projectors.
Likewise JVC has it's D-ILA PJ's a slightly different variation.
Of the two brands, and specifically for 3D playback, the JVC models are the best, the reason for that is on JVC's PJ's the have 3D controls for screen size , this helps reduce 'Floating Window' effect when set correctly - as suffered by Dr Strange 3D version as a example, and more importantly, the JVC PJ's have a 'Crosstalk' control, so you can completely dial it out on discs suffering this.
Both these types of PJ are also out of your price range NEW, but if you look around, you might be able to pickup a secondhand lower rung JVC model that is a few years old that will fit the might need a replacement lamp, but you can do that easy enough when funds allow....IMHO this is a better option than buying a newer 'Lesser PJ'.
JVC tend to upgrade their PJ's on average every 9 months, for a half upgrade, and 18 months for a full upgrade, so you tend to find quite a few different models on Ebay.....their newest models are currently doing E-Shift, which is a pseudo 4K using pixel shifting, so a lot of JVC owners are currently upgrading to these, so a lot of older model on Ebay ATM.

The third type of PJ is LCD - Liquid Crystal Display, this is old technology more suited to office powerpoint presentations, and the type of technology that you see on cheap Chinese built PJ's.....TBH, give them a miss, you will quickly find yourself dissatisfied with the picture quality after the initial novelty of having a Big Screen wears off.

As for screen to project onto, there are plenty of DIY designs that are easily built, best to stay with pure White, I found the easiest and best thing to coat a screen with is Artist's Gesso, as it has a high Mica content which reflexs the projected image better than paint, is flexible and washable, also pretty cheap and available at any Art supply shop.
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