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Default Thanks!

Big Daddy - Comprehensive reply as always. I went through each of the listed links that you sent me. Very cool. I had not heard of Occam before. Those are some pretty speakers.

Out of the speakers listed any stand out to you specifically?

Great suggestion by the way of going to a local audio shop. I had gotten so wrapped up on getting something online to get a "Deal" that I forgot about that option. I got my towers from a local audio shop called Hawthorne Audio.

Iky? Hahaha!

rpatt & Ianvillaceran - I see great reviews for the BX2 so that may be a great option. One plus for it as well is that it is front ported. I will be placing these fairly close to the back wall so that may be very handy.

Bmoney - I love the look of the PSB's. I see that yours are mounted to the wall. How close are they and do you notice much of a difference between bringing them out a little and where they are now? I lean towards these but I have never heard them so its a little hard.

Bmoney & JJ - You are speaking my language with Aperion Audio. I actually have been drooling over Verus Grand Towers for about two years now and half of my posts are asking current owners how they like them. Suprise, they all love them. Would love to pick up a pair of the Bookshelfs but I have had a hard time finding them used anywhere (also a pretty good sign) as they are a bit north of my limit. Alast I have not listened to these either.

Sidenote - Dang it JJ, why does your living room have to look so freaking cool?

prerich - Is this the 2.1se or the original Swans with the dome on top? Is it in the Rosewood finish? Might be interested.

Thanks everybody!
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