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Originally Posted by Jim Hawkins View Post

Bmoney & JJ - You are speaking my language with Aperion Audio. I actually have been drooling over Verus Grand Towers for about two years now and half of my posts are asking current owners how they like them. Suprise, they all love them. Would love to pick up a pair of the Bookshelfs but I have had a hard time finding them used anywhere (also a pretty good sign) as they are a bit north of my limit. Alast I have not listened to these either.

Thanks everybody!
I would not dismiss them even if $100 more, if your CC permits it, you could even order the Verus Forte satellites to test out, 30 days free trial. And you can even compare to others at home. The reason I'm saying not to dismiss them is, like you, I have researched this line profusely with not a bad word, only extremely happy owners and the ones that returned them most often do so for a much more expensive speaker. In Canada we have to pay shipping back if not satisfied which kinda kills the offer. Otherwise I'd be trying some, even if I just want to upgrade later.

Sidenote - Dang it JJ, why does your living room have to look so freaking cool?
+ 1 bazillion, top HT here as far as LR setups.
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