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Originally Posted by Villiam Hayes View Post
Yeah I'm sure he can,there just was many occasion that I noticed in GC that he had started a thread with a random biggie....that was my question to Scarface.

I think I have seen enough of this section then..goodnight.
Use the "threads made by" option, you'll see I don't make many.

Originally Posted by Johnny Vinyl View Post
It happens to the best of us, but that's no reason to shut off life and stop trying. JMHO. Good luck by the way!
When it ended, she managed to get all my friends to turn their backs on me with her lies. She even tried to get me arrested, but I was able to convince the cop that she's a liar. She even got two people to give me death threats. — the relationship ended because I caught her cheating on me.

I don't need anyone else treatng me that way.
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