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Hmm so it seems that the discs in the Seasons 1-7 box set are different from the ones in the individual seasons? At least in some cases?

I just compared disc 1 season 1 from the 1-7 set with disc 1 from the season 1 special collector's set from way back and the disc size is much smaller and then looking in the stream folder the new disc has 106 items while the old disc had 114 items and then looking at the two larger files that contain the 2 episodes themselves I see that the episodes on the new disc are smaller files (16974750 vs 14929992 and 15152712 vs 13315488). So for the new box set I guess they remastered the discs with maybe a few less extras and with higher compression for some reason? Seems strange since it's still a 50 disc and not a 25 so what was the point? Haven't carefully compared image quality yet (or even at all).
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