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Well I just compared a bit of disc 1 season 3 between the individual set and the 1-7 set version and yeah the 1-7 set has higher bitrate audio with TrueHD 7.1/Atmos vs MA 5.1 BUT holy cow does the old individual set's video have MUCH higher bitrate. I mean despite smaller audio size the total file size is still larger and I looked at one bit where he starts running through the woods at the start and on the individual release it was pegging a lot of 32 even higher bitrate while the new 1-7 version was only pegging like 21-24! A vastly lower bitrate. Did not screen shots so hard to say, but brief impression was maybe his face was a bit waxier less detail on the 1-7 version.

I really wonder if for 4-7 it's all the same or still the story where the 1-7 has much lower video bitrate.

I wonder why on Earth they remastered 1-3, at the least, now with Atmos and 7.1 (better) and yet then at the same time bothered to remaster the video to much lower bitrate and lower quality? Again it's not like it let them get away with 25GB discs instead of 50GB or anything. Maybe they were anticipating trying to make 2K DI UHDs look better detail-wise and compression artifact-wise to the blu-rays now?

EDIT: anyway, I see the digital codes are selling for crazy $ on ebay so not much to complain about either way, effectively getting seasons 4-7 for just cents over $6 each (and perhaps those ones are not even any different from the stand alone seasons) and then these worse video and perhaps better audio versions for 1-3 for free

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