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So I just got a copy of this and I’ve reviewed both the Blu-ray and 4k discs and a pesky ADR error in the theatrical cut from the last Blu-Ray release (and I believe the Complete Dossier DVD too, I can’t remember) has reared its ugly head on this release:

In the theatrical version at the Do Lung bridge, they get their mail and leave Chief. Chief says “where are you going, Captain?” and in:

The theatrical version Willard says

"I gotta find somebody - I need some information.

And in the Redux cut Willard says:

“See if I can find some fuel - get some information.”

The Blu-ray that contains the theatrical cut actually has a restored theatrical audio option that is only available on the 1979 cut. The good news? The original line is on that audio track. The bad news? It is ONLY available on that audio track. The 1979/Redux 4k disc only has 1 audio track, a Dolby Atmos mix, and that mix contains the “fuel” version on the theatrical cut.

Even worse, the reason that line was changed is to set up the scene where they trade the fuel for sex with the Playboy Bunnies. Redux is the only version of the film with that scene, so both the theatrical version and the Final Cut version should have the “somebody” version. This modified line should ONLY exist on the Redux version. If you prefer to watch the 4k version then you’re out of luck in regards to the correct audio.

They wouldn’t even need to include an alternate audio track to account for this change if they wanted to fix it. If you can seamlessly branch entire scenes into the movie then you can seamlessly branch both versions of this line on the 4k disc.

I’m pretty sure there will be no recall or replacement disc because this error exists on 3 of the 4 movie discs in this set, and arguably could be corrected on other audio tracks on the the 1979/Redux Blu-Ray disc too.

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