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My totally unprofessional impressions on SVS Speakers. I am not a professional reviewer, but I was a professional recording engineer for 10 years or so and do appreciate fine audio.

I bought a pair of SVS Prime Pinnacles and an Ultra Center Channel and have had them for about 3 weeks now.

I absolutely love the Pinnacles. Great sounding speakers for both music and movies. I can't compare them to much else as I have been living with an old pair of Acoustic Research towers for about 20 years but I am happy to finally retire those.

I had tried replacing them with some Polks (don't remember the model) and some Andrew Jones towers, but was not satisfied with either of those and returned them.

The Pinnacles are wonderful and give me great sound from my Denon AVR-X3300W receiver (105 watts per channel).

There are a ton of reviews on the Pinnacles out there and I would say I agree with all of the positives.

I am also very impressed with the sound of the Ultra Center. It is a true three way center and movie dialog sounds excellent. But the thing that really makes me happy about the Ultra is how great it is for listening to 5.1 music. My old Polk was pretty good but there were a few 5.1 discs where it just didn't sound right. Norah Jones' Come Away With Me SACD has the vocal and stand up bass mixed in the center channel and the bass just never sounded good before on my old Polk. It always bothered me. With the Ultra it is no longer an issue. The stand up sounds like it is right in front of me with a full-bodied low end and warmth that was always missing before.

I could go on and on about the Pinnacles but like I said, there are a ton of reviews for these out there already, and written by better reviewers. Go check them out. I'm glad I did.
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