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Originally Posted by prerich View Post
I'm still looking forward to a review myself. I will say that my old Denon x4300h had a better IR remote range than the AV7706. I'm glad that I have found that one of the two app's available for my phone works quite well, so I don't have to buy a remote extender.
I've found that the Marantz is very laid back in its much so, that I had to remove a Tube buffer that I had on my Dac. I haven't listened to music seriously with it yet - but on movies...all of my speakers disappear and it truly becomes an atmosphere that you're sitting in. One of the best demo scenes (non Atmos) that's out there is LOTR when Frodo meets Gandalf ...the birds, insects, everything is just amazing (would make you think it was Atmos). I'm enjoying my AV7706 and have to intentions on returning it. This may be a death processor (one that stays with me until I pass)?
Good to know, thanks for your impressions. I truly don't NEED a new one, but my older Integra DTC 9.8 is getting a little bit long in the tooth, so it'd be nice to upgrade to the latest and greatest. There's a handful in this price range out there, but I'd like to stick with a tried and true brand like Maranatz, etc. than veering into Emotiva, Monolith and those internet-only type brands. Not to mention that aside from my tower front speakers that are powered by a Odyssesy Stratos stereo amp, the rest of my amplification (five channels) is fed by Marantz monoblocks so I'm sure they'd mesh well sound-wise with this pre/pro.
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