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Here I will post answers to my trivia signatures:

1: What's a good reason to steal a dolphin from the aquarium?

You steal a dolphin so you'll have a porpoise in life.

2: How did Earnest react when he saw a door that said 'Do Not Enter'?

As you know, Ernest isn't really bright, and that extends to struggles with reading too. He looks at the sign, and starts reading it slowly, "Hrmm.. Doh nut En Try." Thinks for a second and declares, "I could sure go for a donut right now!" and walks in.

3: What does Steel Angel Kurumi say, and what should people do when she says it?

She says "Master!" and you should drink when she says it.

4: Who is the last Prince of the Saiyans (what's his name)? What planet is he from? And what's his favorite food?

He's Vegeta (aka Fajita), from planet Vegeta (it too aka Fajita), and his favorite food is fajitas.

Explanation: Back in the late 90s, I heard a ton of Chili's commercials on the radio. One of their spokesmen was the 'Fajitas' guy who would pronounce them 'FaJEEtas', speaking the j like an English J as opposed to like an H as is common in Spanish words.

Naturally, when I first saw an ep of Dragon Ball Z, I heard the narrator mention Vegeta and thought he said 'FaJEEta' like the Chili's guy.

Ever since then, friends and I have nicknamed Vegeta 'Fajita', and we say that his name, home planet, and favorite food are (almost) the same.

5: What could possibly be worse than a mandible claw with Mr. Socko?

Mandible claw with Mr. Hankey

6: What do you call somebody who doesn't want to come hang out with us?

Friends frequently convene at my place on Saturdays. While back, one of them calls another, asking her when she'll be getting here. She says she isn't coming because of a Warcraft raid that night. First friend (the caller) responds, "Loser! On Saturday night you get your arse to[*]'s house!"

So: since then, any time someone doesn't want to come over, we call them a loser. Work, out of state status, and romance are permissible excuses.

7: What does Kirby say?

He says "Hi." In fact, he says, "Hiiiiiiii!!!!". Use his taunt in Super Smash Bros to see it.

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