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Originally Posted by Bullitt View Post
Gastropubs sure,Never eaten in a Michelin restaurant to date,I have thought about giving it a shot but I do love good wholesome,home style grub that isn't shy on portions.
You should try it Bullitt if you get a chance.

I think, for many people, they look at portion sizes on each individual plate of a tasting menu and envisage that it won’t fill them up and they’d be right. Multiply that amount of food by anywhere from 6 to 20+ courses and you’d be hard pressed to go home hungry lol.

I’ve left restaurants early before, Michelin* included, because I literally couldn’t eat another thing!

My love of food ranges from baked beans on toast to molecular gastronomy. I do enjoy tasting menus as they give me a chance to experience foodstuffs, ingredients and flavour combinations that I would never be able to replicate at home, and each chef/restaurant is unique.

Other times I yearn for a big plate of comfort food that’s been well executed.

I am a bit picky about where I eat though...decent gastropubs and restaurants do have a higher probability of rating better on the food hygiene scale than some generic diner where the people don’t really care about the food they’re serving up.
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