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Originally Posted by Bullitt View Post
I have looked at the tasting menu at OX in Belfast where there are now three Michelin starred restaurants.
Yes,I agree,I think there seems to be a misconception that you won't be full but the many courses I'm sure would be ampul.

I think just sometimes it sounds a bit too fancy for my liking and while one thing sounds great,it's topped with something I don't fancy at all.
Most places I visit will happily change the tasting menu to suit if you notify them in advance. I donít eat offal and my partner wonít eat seafood so they give us an alternative, usually vegetarian course, or something that the kitchen has created as a special.

I used to feel cheeky asking, but it seems to be the norm now.
There are places that I wonít visit though as they categorically wonít cater for individual requirements which is a shame. :/

Iím just off to have a butchers at Ox in Belfast. Cheers for the heads up! (Could do the Titanic exhibition too lol)
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