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Originally Posted by moviedude 2K15 View Post
There's parts of me that want to buy a Wii U but knowing that Nintendo has a new console in the pipe I feel like I need to know more about it and don't want to get a Wii U with Nintendo having a new console maybe a year or so away only. It must be coming in the somewhat near future with them announcing it so I don't see myself getting a Wii U.
I wouldn't worry too much, Wii U's are stupidly cheap now (at least in the UK it seems) so just pick one up for the right price and enjoy it whilst it lasts.

New consoles are always in the pipeline, as we speak PS5 and Xbox Two are almost certainly in development in some form and previous generations lasted 5 years at a time.

PS360 generation was an anomaly in that it lasted 7+ years before the next generation came out. So it's good to see Nintendo bucking that trend and going back to the shorter generation cycle. Maybe it'll be called the New NES

You will still have a good 2 years at least to enjoy a Wii U so would still recommend getting one.
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