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Originally Posted by BlueFalconer View Post
I unlinked and relinked my Vudu to MA and the UHD version of Kingsman Golden Circle showed up in my Vudu account. That's the only Fox title I had in 4k in iTunes.
I didn't do that, but I got Kingsman Golden Circle and The Martian upgraded to 4K. I have a few other Fox titles in iTunes, so it would be nice if Vudu adds them too, but I'd really like to see them add more Sony titles since I'd redeemed some at Sony's site to get 4K UV rights (before MA existed) and it would be good to have those make it too.

Originally Posted by Dubstar View Post
so wait, I'm a little confused ~ if I had added the codes from the UHD's (of the few that have been upgraded) - into MA and they were HDX, if I uninstall/reinstall Vudu and MA - will these upgrade, or is this only applicable for Itune's additions?
If you redeemed them at MA's site or iTunes and they were good for 4K digital copies, you should have them upgraded in Vudu as soon as Vudu adds them in 4K. If you'd redeemed at Vudu back when all they had was HDX, you may want to try MA support to see if they can help you, but you won't see an upgrade automatically.
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