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Originally Posted by Herry Dunston View Post
[Show spoiler]

They totally knew what they're doing when they choose that image to illustrate.
Not really. That's the Heisei version of Rodan. And for some reason, the artist let their kid draw Ghidorah.

Originally Posted by allstar_balla21 View Post
Question. I see a lot of complaining about the lack of dubs. Is anyone NOT going to get the set because of this?
Me (kind of). I will be buying this set for myself. However, I have been buying a LOT of Godzilla stuff for some young cousins. But they won't watch subtitles. So if this set included all the dubs, I would have bought a second one for them.

Also, for what it's worth, the lack of dubs, clunky oversized packaging, and garish artwork means I will be waiting for a 50% off sale for my copy, instead of making it a day-one preorder.
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