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Pics are up, as you can see I am no photographer....

Words cannot describe how good the new PSBs are. You have to hear it to believe it!

Soundstage is HUGE, Center fill effect (sounds like its coming out of the center channel during 2 channel listening) is much more present, Highs come through flawlessly with NO harshness, Midrange clarity is UNBELIEVEABLE, and Low frequencies are tight and controlled, the HSU picks up the rest. Everything is soooo SWEET!

The highly recommend the PSB Image S50 surrounds for anyone in the market for bipoles. DMC electronics has great prices and ship right to your door.

I am Hugely impressed with my setup and I think it may have cured my audio upgraditis!

My Video upgraditis is a different story, I will post more pics up when I eventually get my Panasonic V10 or a KURO 111FD.


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