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Connecting Three (3) Speakers:

If your intention is to connect three speakers to one mono amplifier, you have several options:

Option 1. Connect all three speakers in series. The net impedance will increase and you should be safe.

Option 2 (Not generally recommended). Connect two speakers in series (assuming the impedance of each speaker is 4 ohms, the net impedance will increase to 8 ohms) and the third one in parallel to the other two. The problem is that the single speaker will draw more current and you may end up with speakers that have uneven levels.

You could connect a 4-ohm resistor to the third speaker in series to create a dummy load and make the net impedance of the third speaker and the resistor into 8 ohms and the final impedance to 4 ohms.

If your intention is to connect several speakers together, an odd number of speakers is not generally recommended.

Additional Wiring Diagrams:

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