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So, what you’re saying is that I can keep my rear speakers in the rear and assign the Atmos speakers as my surrounds, correct?

If you want 4 rears (as in 7.1) you can't have any Atmos speakers on that receiver.

If you want Atmos you can have a core 5.1 layout and use the other two assignable rears for Atmos in your choice of front, back or middle flavours.

Basically, you have 7 channels, 2 or which the user can pick how they want to use them, the rest are locked. For your receiver using Atmos you will have a core 5.1 layout and wire it up as such. Put your choice of Atmos speakers in the 2 assignable channels and tell the receiver exactly what sort of Atmos speaker you've plugged in and where it is placed. Ceiling, height, Atmos-enabled, etc. If you stand upfiring speakers on your fronts that will be Atmos-enabled you need to select that sort of speaker and that they are at the front. My Denon gives an onscreen display so is a lot easier than it sounds.

You, to clarify, you have your non-assignable speaker channels which you can wire up to 5.1. The other 2 you tell it are for either 7.1 rears or Atmos. These are clearly marked as assignable on the back of the receiver so you know where you plug your Atmos speaker wires.

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