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Originally Posted by Ernest Rister View Post
Because the Babadook comes on like a ghost/spooky demon movie, only to reveal itself as a metaphor for grief and guilt...the things people don't talk about but haunt them, tearing them apart, and the resolution of guilt and grief isn't trying to obliterate them, but to accept them and find peace. And it's pretty scary and frightening at times.

Sometimes, our favorite genre films are like a magic act, distracting you with one hand, while the other hand is doing something else, and that's the hand that's really doing the trick. Babadook is exactly like that -- distracting you pretending to be a film about a dark frightening presence, when the film is really about the psychological wounds of the two lead characters.
Ok, but I thought the monster itself was dumb. A top hat wearing all black man? What is that? It wasn't a ghost. It hadn't been human before. It wasn't a demon. What demon is like a man in a top hat? And it really is the stupidest idea for a monster because, again, what monster is like a man in a top hat? The emotional stuff didn't resonate with me. I don't know what guilt there even was for the two leads. And it ended with them feeding the monster which means feeding their grief and guilt was the solution according to you. Wtf?!
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