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Really? Which editions are in correct AR?
Special edition only. Ultimate and BD lose substantial information on all four sides (same as the UE of GoldenEye). The "popular" explanation is that both films were restored by Lowry from a pan-and-scan source, which is ridiculous. It would have been impossible to make 16x9 of these films had that been the case. My suspicion is that this was a "creative" decision from the restoration team. The Lowry restoration was split between several teams (Lowry did some himself) and the project manager was the same on both AVTAK and GE. The GE BD may have DNR but at least shows the film in its proper composition AND colours (the Lowry team did an unholy effort to desaturate the film to death). Unfortunately, AVTAK is not as loved as GE, so there wasn't a general outcry for fixing those mistakes on BD.
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