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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
WOW......Dual Klipsch 12" sub's in a 12x12 room, along with the 4 ADX Maximus under recliner's must sound/and feel amazing . I'm a ported sub fan myself, although I certainly would love to have dual SVS sub's in my place, regardless of sealed/ported, that's just me. I keep my Polk PSW 110 sub directly behind my recliner, which is a very weak sub, and I'm just not feeling it. I'm going to purchase another Acoustech 12" PL 200 sub to match the one I have in front, but may not get away with placing it behind my recliner. I'm seriously considering these ADX Maximus under my recliner's and when purchased, placing the newer Acoustech 12" PL 200 in a more desirable location. Thank's for your input on these butt shaker's .

Sure thing! Parts Express has a great price on 4 of them with Dayton Audio amplifier for around $300. Super deal. These shakers are worth every penny and make such a difference. You won't be disappointed It's a pleasure chatting with a fellow enthusiast.

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