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Sorry, I can't speak on the DSP capable amp question as I have no experience with that. Maybe someone else can chime in. My ADX maximus shakers came in a bundle with the Dayton SA300 AMP. My understanding is that shakers don't require a lot of power unless you have them cranked waaaaay up which I don't know why anyone would want to watch a movie with the rattling your chairs apart. They shouldn't take you out of the movie. I have 4 shakers running to my amp and the volume/gain knob is only set to about 4 of 10 and its just right. Plenty of power. Personal preference of course.
Thanks for your response. I am looking into adding a couple of bass shakers to my ht recliners. Will have to use a wireless device to send the lfe signal to the amp as I have no way of running wire to my seating. Are you able to control when the bass shakers shake like a frequency range? Or do they shake on all low frequencies? I guess you can filter so they only shake under 80hrz.
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