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Originally Posted by zorbonaut View Post
This section of the forum isn't too active but I love learning about others on the forum as well. I'm also a aspiring filmmaker.

Do you have a vimeo or youtube channel with some of your work by any chance? What directors/writers inspire you?

Here is a link to my page with some info/background on me:
I have some examples of my professional wedding work at my website,

Since graduating college (Columbia College Chicago) I've spent most of my time in the wedding field. The past few years have been very successful so I'm able to start exploring other areas this upcoming year.

My goal has always been to work in a more creative medium like making movies. I've had a couple of screenplays accepted into official competition as several film festivals. I have the money set aside to shoot a feature film and the treatment is just about done. At this point I don't know if I'm going to write the actual script or if I'm going to pass it to a close friend - running my business doesn't give me a lot of free time. I hoping this time next year to have a script so I can really dive into preproduction.

Robert Rodriguez might be my biggest overall filmmaking influence from a physical executive standpoint. His understanding of how to craft a movie utilizing limited resources is something I really subscribe to. The current state of overspending and under-devoloping in the film industry is really troubling to me and I believe you don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality product with the right talent involved and a polished vision.

My biggest classical influence would be Alfred Hitchcock. He had a supreme understanding of how to bring all the elements together to tell cinematic story. Just as much impact Hitchcock had on the 30s-60s I think John Carpenter had on the 70s-90s with nearly all of his work being pretty transcendent. On the opposite end, the newest couple of filmmakers that I've been enamored with are Dennis Villeneuve and Jeremy Saulnier.
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