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Originally Posted by MEB View Post
The coming improvements to Wishlists is appreciated. My two recommendations:

1) Getting to the wishlist current requires that you click on your collection and then click on wishlist at the top. Why not put Wishlist as a one-click category on the right, just like Watchlist, etc.

2) Items in your wishlist are in BOLD text in the search dropdown. They shouldn't be.

When I'm out shopping for deals, I always refer to my collection to make sure I don't end up buying a title I already own. The way I do that is start typing the name of the title in the search box. If I see the title in question in BOLD in the dropdown, I know I already own it.

With Wishlist titles showing up in BOLD too, now, at first glance, it appears I already own them. This is an example:
[Show spoiler]

'Eighth Grade' isn't available yet. I just added it to my Wishlist. Yet, when I start typing the title in the search box it shows up in BOLD, just like all of the titles I already own.

Wishlist titles should either show up as plain text in the search box or, better, show up in italics. That way it would be easy to differentiate owned vs wishlist titles before you even complete the search. With both of them bold, that means I'd have to actually click on the title in the search to see if the little shopping cart icon is visible (which is what shows for Wishlist titles).

You may think... no big deal, just click the title to be sure. But sometimes I'm searching dozens of titles when I'm shopping during a big sale (Target 10% off all movies Cartwheel or B&N Criterion Sale, etc.) and those extra steps for each title would add up to aggravation.

My two cents, now that Amazon has STUPIDLY screwed the pooch once again.

This is party of the reason why I hadn't used the wishlist feature in the past. It's considered a subsection of my "collection" but it shouldn't be - I own nothing in that list. It should be it's own completely separate section/list. My OCD flares up big time and I don't want to add something I want to "my collection".

I also usually click on my 4K or BD collection from the home page, and it's sorted by recently added so I can see what I bought this week and make sure it was added. Except wishlist stuff counts towards those links, despite not being owned. I just can't use that feature that way, there's no reason to me it should be included as my "collection" which results in the bold font in the dropdown too.
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